Joint Colloquium in
Operations Research and
Algorithms - Geometry - Combinatorics

ETH Zurich, Summer 1997

Organized by
Institute for Operations Research (contact names: K. Fukuda, and H.-J. Lüthi) and
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (contact name: E. Welzl)

Time: Mondays 13:30 - 15:00 (except for May 12, May 7, May 20)

Room: IFW A36 (except for May 20)


April 14
Gyula Karolyi (ETH)
Ramsey-type problems for geometric graphs.
April 21 [Time: 10:30--12:00]
Boris Aronov (New York)
Two ways to unfold a polytope.
April 28
Jiri Matousek (Praha)
Tools for derandomization I.
May 5
Jiri Matousek (Praha)
Tools for derandomization II.
May 7 (Wednesday) [Time: 10:30--12:00, Room: IFW A32]
Yuri Bilu (ETH)
Complete solution of Diophantine equations.
May 12
Gyula Karolyi (ETH)
Simplex decompositions and angle-sum relations for polytopes.
May 20 (Tuesday)
Imre Barany (Budapest)
(1) [Time: 12:00--12:30, Room: IFW B42]
Sylvester's question: the probability that n points are in convex position.
(2) [Time: 14:00--15:30, Room: HG D 3.3]
A colourful version of Caratheodory's theorem with applications.
June 2
Geza Toth(New York)
A lower bound on the crossing number of graphs and its applications.
June 9
[Time: 13:30--15:00, Room: IFW A36] Kurt M. Anstreicher (Louvain)
The volumetric cutting plane method for convex programming.
[Time: 15:30--17:00, Room: IFW B42] Jean-Philippe Vial (Geneva)
Homogeneous analytic center cutting plane methods for variational inequalities and convex minimization problems.
June 16
Jürgen Richter-Gebert (ETH)
Complexity questions in combinatorial geometry (I).
June 18 (Wednesday) [Time: 10:30--12:00, Room: IFW A32]
Lukas Finschi (ETH)
Randomized Pivot Algorithms in Linear Programming.
June 23
Jürgen Richter-Gebert (ETH)
Complexity questions in combinatorial geometry (II).
June 30
Joseph S. B. Mitchell (New York)
Simple Polynomial-Time Approximation Schemes for Geometric Network Optimization Problems.


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