Colloquium in Combinatorics, Geometric Algorithms and Optimization

ETH Zurich, Fall-Winter 1997

Organized by
Institute for Operations Research (contact names: K. Fukuda and H.-J. Lüthi) and
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (contact name: E. Welzl and J. Richter-Gebert)

Time: Mondays 13:30 - 15:00 (with a few exceptions)

Room: IFW A32


October 27
Raimund Seidel(Univ. des Saarlandes)
On the exact query complexity of planar point location
November 3
Petra Mutzel (MPI Saarbrücken)
Graph Drawing I: Hierarchical Graph Drawing
November 10
Petra Mutzel (MPI Saarbrücken)
Graph Drawing II: Drawing General Graphs
November 17
Gyula Karolyi (ETH Zurich)
Randomized algorithms for volume computation
November 24
Peter Gritzmann (TU München)
Orakel-polynomial time approximation of radii and norm-maxima
November 27 [Thursday 16:15-17:45]
Sridhar Tayur (CMU, currently visiting MIT)
An Algebraic Geometry Algorithm for Scheduling in Presence of Setups and Correlated Demands
December 15
Alexander Schrijver(CWI Amsterdam)
Embedding of Graphs in 3-space without Knots and Links
December 16 [Tuesday 12:00-12:45, IFW A32]
Alexander Schrijver(CWI Amsterdam)
Optimization at the Dutch Railways
January 5
Gyula Karolyi (ETH Zurich)
Applications of Talagrand's isoperimetric theory
January 12
Günter Ziegler (TU Berlin)
Lattice Polytopes and Triangulations
January 19
David Applegate (Rice University)
Local Cuts for the TSP
January 26
Andreas Dress (U. Bielefeld)
Highly regular spatial structures: theory, software, and visualization
February 2
Bernhard von Stengel (ETH Zurich)
Functional Decomposition in Logic Design and Operations Research
(No talks on Dec. 1 and 8, 1997)


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