Colloquium in Combinatorics, Geometric Algorithms and Optimization

(held also as Colloquium in Operations Research)

ETH Zurich, Spring-Summer 1998

Organized by
Institute for Operations Research (contact names: K. Fukuda and H.-J. Lüthi) and
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (contact name: E. Welzl and J. Richter-Gebert)

Time: Mondays 13:30 - 15:00 (with a few possible exceptions)

Room: HG E1.1


April 6
Gabor Fejes Toth (Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
On the structure of optimal arrangements
April 9 (held as Mittagsseminar , Thursday 12:00--12:30, IFW B42)
Gabor Fejes Toth (Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Some open problems on packing and covering
April 27
David Avis (McGill University, Montreal)
Living with lrs
May 4
Denis Naddef (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Grenoble)
Branch and Cut for the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
May 11
May 18
Jiri Matousek (Charles University, Prague)
Representing distances by coordinates
May 25
Hans-Jakob Luethi (ETHZ)
An analytic center quadratic cut method (ACQCM) for strongly monotone variational inequality problems
June 8
Imre Barany (Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
How many convex lattice polytopes are there?
June 15
G"unter Rote (TU Graz, Graz)
The max-plus rank of matrices and its applications in combinatorial optimization
June 22
Andras Frank (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
Icreasing the connectivity of digraphs
June 29
Claude G. Diderich (EPFL)
The alignment problem: an optimization problem found in parallelizing compilers


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Spring 1997, Fall 1997.

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