Colloquium in Combinatorics, Geometric Algorithms and Optimization

ETH Zurich, Fall-Winter 1998

Organized by
Institute for Operations Research (contact names: K. Fukuda and H.-J. Lüthi) and
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (contact name: E. Welzl and J. Richter-Gebert)

Time: Thursdays 15:15 - 17:00 (normally till 16:45)

Room: IFW A32


October 29
(No talk is planned)
November 5
Jesus de Loera (ETHZ)
Computing optimal triangulations of convex polytopes
November 12
Michel Bierlaire (EPFL)
Algorithmic aspects of discrete choice modelling
November 19
T. Bisztriczky (University of Calgary)
On Hadwiger's covering conjecture
November 26
Bernd Gaertner (ETHZ)
Randomized simplex - The quest for lower bounds
December 3
(No talk is planned)
December 10
Peter Gritzmann (TU Munchen)
Discrete tomography
December 17
Gyorgy Elekes (Eotvos Lorand Univ., Budapest)
(1) [Time: 12:00--12:45, Room: IFW A32, held as Mittagsseminar ]
Sum/Difference/Product Sets and Geometry
(2) [Time: 15:15--16:45, Room: IFW A32]
Incidences and Coincidences
January 7
(No talk is planned)
January 14
Emo Welzl (ETHZ)
j-Facets of Finite Point Sets and the Upper Bound Theorem for Polytopes
January 21
Yurii Nesterov (CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve)
Global Quadratic Optimization via Conic Relaxation
January 28
Thomas M. Liebling (EPFL)
Motif Recognition in Biomolecular Sequences
February 4
(No talk is planned)


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