Successful scientific interaction between discrete mathematics, algorithms, and application areas in computer science is increasing. In particular, combinatorics and discrete geometry provide the foundations for algorithms in general, and for combinatorial optimization and computational geometry in particular.

These fields, in turn, either have direct applications or provide algorithmic concepts for many application areas such as optimization, computer graphics and vision, geographic information systems, robotics, molecular modeling and computer aided design.

This initiative focuses on educating graduate students in the area where these fields interact. The Pre-Doc Program constitutes a one-semester exposure to an active research environment with dedicated research-oriented courses.

The Graduate Program is a joint initiative with the three universities in Berlin (and a number of other partner institutions). The goal is to establish international contacts in both research and education, and to create a focused program with completion of a Ph.D. thesis within two and a half years.

The program has stopped December 31, 2002, in Zurich.

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