There will be no more Pre-Doc programs or CGC scholarships after 2002.

Pre-Doc Program 2002/3

ETH Zurich offers a one-semester study program that focuses on the preparation of a Ph.D. in areas like: Discrete and Computational Geometry; Computer Graphics and Vision; Algorithms Design, Analysis and Implementation; Optimization and Mathematical Programming.

Building blocks of the program are four 5-week research oriented courses, a project and the preparation of a proposal for a Ph.D. (see course descriptions).

ETH offers a limited number of scholarships of Sfr 2'200 per month (for a six months period) for students with a Diploma or Masters in a field related to the topics of the program (including computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, and physics). There is a possibility of continuing a Ph.D. in the Berlin/Zurich CGC Graduate Program (although it is not automatically implied by acceptance to the Pre-Doc program). Students who plan to continue their Ph.D. at some other university, or are in the course of doing a Ph.D., are also welcome. Advanced Diploma or Masters students can be considered for a one-semester exchange program as well, if a feasible arrangement with their home universities can be made.

The language of the program is English. The program is open to applicants of all nationalities.

Students who receive a scholarship are expected to provide teaching assistance.

Applications are required to comprise

and should be sent to:

Emo Welzl
Institut Theoretische Informatik
ETH Zentrum
CH-8092 Zurich

Application deadlines are Mar 22, 2002, and May 31, 2002. Applicants are notified of results about one month after the respective deadline. This stepwise procedure allows students to obtain a commitment at an early stage, while leaving some options also for those who fulfill the necessary prerequisites only at a later stage.

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